About WTA

Hi! It’s Matt here.

This is my personal site where I will share thoughts, and blog regularly as I prepare and embark on my through hike of New Zealand on the Te Araroa trail.

I am a 39 year old male professional who works in the area of Performance Management, Cognitive and Business Intelligence – which is basically a long way of saying that I help organisations interpret, understand find insight and make decisions leveraging data.

My company is Cortell Australia, and you can find more about Cortell here

I have the support of my loving family – my wife and three kids ages 20, 11 and 3! This site is also largely for them so they can share in my journey and follow as Daddy goes bush for a few months.

We currently reside in Sydney, NSW Australia. However, New Zealand is our home and where we were all born (with the exception of my youngest boy who was born in Aussie!)

Feel free to follow me on this exciting journey. Send me messages of encouragement and advice.

Thanks all,



Casey, Beck, Leeara and Luke in Fiji at Castaway Island – July 2017