About Raise

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Raise impacts the wellbeing of young people in Australia by providing best practice youth mentoring programs.  Our programs provide a community of support around them. Mentoring from a positive role model provides a nurturing pathway for teenagers to feel supported through tough times, particularly if they feel they can’t talk to other significant adults in their lives. The power of having someone neutral to talk to, who really listens and actually hears you, is extraordinary. Mentors can change thinking and save lives.  With this in mind, we conduct five main mentoring programs as outlined below, and a series of workshops for young people.

Ismo is our “In School Mentoring Opportunity” for guys and girls in high school, mainly in years 7 to 10.  We offering weekly mentoring during school hours in terms 2 and 3, with a graduation celebration at the conclusion of the program.  Within the group of programs we run in High Schools, we also run Youth Frontiers for the NSW Government Department of Families and Communities for students in years 8 and 9, and we also run our Career workshop for Year 11 students as they move into their final year of study.

Bump is for young mums under the age of 23 and includes weekly mentoring and fortnightly workshops.  The girls achieve a Tafe Certificate I in Access to Work and Training on graduation. We also offer our Bump Upprogram to Bump graduates, which is an advanced course achieving a Tafe Certificate II in Skills for Work and Training, and the girls complete a small business management project together, meeting on a weekly basis in school term time.