Day 2 – Romanticism vs. Reality

Well then, a bit of wake up call today.

I woke at 6:07 as it was light, so got up and did the normal things everyone does, had breakfast, packed up camp and hit the beach at 7:45am. I’ll get the timing down over the next few weeks, but it is all still very new.

About 4km in, my left knee started hurting, which is kind of weird as my right knee is the dodgy one. I popped a couple Ibuprofen and some painkillers and pushed on.

It was a long hot day again, and although it was flat and on the beach, I found myself welcoming a change in scenery although there was none to be had. The only thing that changed was the island I was walking towards, was then next to, and finally passed.

When I started out this morning, the tide was on its way in, so by midday it was high tide. This made for an even bigger challenge as you are walking higher up the beach on softer sand. But it was only for a couple of hours, thankfully.

I clocked up 23km officially although my Garmin has me at 25km. Tomorrow it is 30km between campsites and much the same scenery… sand, waves and a blistering sun (multiple blisters, aches and pain all over and a dodgy left knee).

Once I hit the Bluff campsite, I kicked off my boots and walked (limped) to the ocean and stripped down to underpants (leaving shirt on as to not dry, and give it a wash) and jumped in. But you see it takes me a bit to get right in, as it was a little chilly – however the two buses with tourists didn’t mind, snapping photos as they zoomed past.

About an hour after arriving, Taito from Japan whom I was leapfrogging yesterday, turned up. And later Claudia from Germany, Katie from Melbourne and Matt and Sarah from Christchurch.

So, what have a learned today?

  • Try a long distance hike before you embark on Te Araroa – get those aches, pains and blisters so you know what o expect
  • Sunscreen the back of your legs – don’t forget this
  • If you are going to be half naked on the beach, make sure it is after the last tour bus leaves

Stats today;

  • Distance: 22 km, 40/3,000km
  • Breakfast – backcountry breakfast
  • Lunch – cliff bar
  • Dinner – backcountry chicken tikka curry
  • Snacks – pringles + orange

2 thoughts on “Day 2 – Romanticism vs. Reality

  1. I thought while looking at the tracking map – bloody hell is he really walking on the beach. That is so hard in the soft stuff. Impressive stuff!


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