T-1 Day!

Well, here we go folks!

I’m typing this blog post from my motel room in Kaitaia. A bit of a rocky start revolving around a broken lock to my room (gear inside), one locksmith and eventually breaking in through the fire escape, I’m all set!

My bags are packed, I’ve completed my final gear check and enjoying my last night before heading up to the cape in the morning to start Te Araroa SOBO!

The last month has been nothing short of manic. We had my wife’s 40th, work Christmas offsite in Cairns and a family holiday in Hawaii. We only arrived back yesterday, so a very quick turnaround to be in NZ today.

Aoteraroa - The Long White Cloud

It is fair to say after a big month, I’m not at my physical peak, despite that one lonely gym session in Honolulu. It will be interesting to see how we go in these first few weeks.

How am I feeling? Honestly, it is exciting and equally scary. It was very hard to say goodbye to my wife and kids this morning. I managed to keep it together, but I know I will miss them every minute of every day – heck, I am already! But I know they are strong and the marvels of technology allow me to FaceTime and catch-up when I have Wi-Fi.

I have managed to get my Garmin InReach online, and once I start the track you can see where I am and where I have been using this link. I’ll add it to the main page as well.

A couple of interesting things that I have learned coming in from another county and bringing gear and food in;

  • Declare your food and as long as it is sealed, unopened you will be fine (see my gear list for what food I brought with)
  • Ask for a stroller/pram plastic case to put your pack in, keeps it clean and can add the fragile tag
  • Make sure when you purchase your gas canister you get one with a screw top, not the puncture type! I hope I can find the right one in the morning!

Well, going to head to bed, get up early and head off to the Cape. Hope to post tomorrow evening after day one.

(Also, posting from my phone from now on – so excuse the spelling mistakes)



10 thoughts on “T-1 Day!

  1. All the best Matt
    I just can’t imagine what this challenge will be like. When we were at Cradle Mountain week before last we did a couple of big walks along the overland track and every young person I saw with a pack and determined look on their face I thought ” how do they do it”.
    Sadly for Chris she broke her arm on the second last day with three kms still to walk. After all the tough walks we did she just took one easy but wrong step. So stay focused on every step and we will see you in the end. If we don’t then it’s not the end.
    Cheers Dave and Chris


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