A Mentor Lifts While You Climb

In planning for Te Araroa – The Long Pathway, I often found myself considering why I am doing this. Most people I would talk to about the thru-hike would ask that question of me, and they would also ask if I was doing this for charity or to raise funds. So, this got me thinking – could I do something more? More than personal reasons? Not only to hit my own goals and aspirations, but perhaps create awareness for something that is not about me. And to see if there is anyone out there in my personal and business network that would support me through donating to a worthy cause.

While I have had the question asked often – “what can I do to help you on this trip?” and outside of my usual response, which has generally been “keep in touch and please send me words of encouragement” – I can now offer something more for you to show your support and encouragement…

Embarking on a journey of this magnitude requires a great amount of preparation and research. Often I have found myself reaching out for support and learning from those who have already walked this journey. These mentors have offered a wealth of information. Their advice, suggestions and answers to my questions have proven to be invaluable in my own preparation – and may also be lifesaving should I encounter difficult situations while on the actual journey, which I hope to avoid! While I could go at this on my own, to do so would be foolhardy. The extra lift that I receive from my mentors, which will no doubt continue on the trail, will help me succeed in the achievement of completing Te Araroa.


Just like my journey through New Zealand, all of us are on our own journey through life. Like my own experiences with my mentors, so too should we seek support and help from others who may have experiences and tools to help us become positive role models, help us through tough times or just generally be there to talk to.


So, I am excited to announce my partnership with Raise Foundation. Raise is a registered Australian charity which provides mentoring programs for young people in high schools and in the community. You can read more about what the team of passionate and dedicated people at Raise do here or visit their website here.

Throughout my journey, I will be regularly speaking about those that have mentored me in my life, and how these people have helped shaped me into whom I am today. But, for now I would encourage you to please read up on Raise and the work they do. If you can afford to make a donation please do so. I know it would mean a great deal and have a positive impact to the young people that Raise support.


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